Anno: 2005

Gruppo: VIKING

Testo e musica: Francesca Ortolani |

A day is over
in my loneliness I find some company
tell me of hearts that beat
tell me more of your tales
London Trains, London Trains

Ideals are like trains
when they are too old
they got to be upgraded
Let my thoughts live revolutionary days
London Trains, London Trains

My hair in the wind
floats with the power
of blasts and shock waves
The wind's the engine
of the present and the future
is in our hands, we're like trains, London Trains

I'll be busking here
at Baker Street tomorrow
with my guitar and the trains, London Trains

It's late it's late, I got to hurry up
I got to go my home
I have to run up and down jumping from the escalators
and I feel the breeze of the train (approaching into the station)
I would stay hours and hours changing the trains

The tube has got many lines and I'm an ambitious girl
Following the colours on the map I want to try them all

I dream to meet him
standing there
I dream to find his eyes
You have my address
will you write 2 lines to me?
Will you? I want to know you more!

I think in this world
everyone's worth
like this mosaic's tile
I hope the trains will never stop running
and at every station new people will come,
to get on the trains, London Trains