From sea to shining sea the voices call to me
Hear Echoes from the past NO surrender till the last
Never Falter never died, Survived through all the lies
Fought for all Kinsmen, like the soldiers of the reich

Rode through the cannons Roar through the Blood and
through the Gore
Strength and Power, Strength and Might The soldiers
of the Reich

Sights not seen won't go unheard third reich banner
will fly unfurled
Won't Forget your Righteous fight the Soldiers of the

Hail Hitler, Leader of all White Men
In your memory the Glory will rise again
Hail Deutchland once pure and white
Now it's time to finish the fight

Steel Capped thunder, Fists of Steel, Aryan Men with
Iron will
For Our Race We'll stand and Fight, For our Races Destined Right

Fighting foes with blades and guns
WhiteNationalists never run
When out time comes we will win
WhiteNationalists, never givin in


Wading through the traitors dead, Soul on Fire
pierced with lead
Bury Comrades who have Fallen, Start the New Day