Leaderless Resistance
If the Aryan race has any hope of surviving, it must base all action and bought on race, and only race. The subservience to a demon Jew god, and bought patterns molded from a Jew bible should have long ago been abandoned. Christianity is evil, as is its mirror reflection, Satanism. We must establish a spirituality based on that practiced by our ancestors. A spirituality in effect before the Christians slaughtered enough of our forefathers to convince the survivors of the pious virtues of being a Christian.
Concurrently, materialism and capitalism must be shredded, along with the corporate bosses who enslave, control and manipulate us in the name of profit. But materialism is not to be confused with technology, which has always served the Aryan well, from the development of steel to the develop-lent of the transistor. White trash crackers who follow an anti-intellectual lifestyle, referring to technical and academic development as "ivory tower" should be dealt with swiftly in the journey for white liberation. Such degenerates who maintain inspiration is to be achieved by warming a bar stool or espresso shop chair are parasites spawned by a plethora of Jew ideologies, which they themselves are too stupid and ignorant to ever realize.
"Those only reality is Action." Because of the total control maintained on our people, along with a weakness of spirit, those individuals among us with the strength to break free must act. Leaderless Resistance can take many forms, the options are as open and creative as the Aryan mind. Let conscience and instinct guide you in selecting your action.
Mt herzlichem Gruss
Alois Brunner
Whidbey Island, WA USA

Il cd originariamente presentava 28 tracce.
Successivamente fu ristampato con solo 27 tracce, infatti nella nuova track list non figuravano pił i 3 brani dai Vaginal Jesus, mentre erano stati aggiunti due brani al fondo, uno degli H.M.F. ed uno dei Lightning Rod.