You would get lost in empty spaces. I’m looking for life.
London only could save me! Turning my eyes away from this decadence.
Life beats underground.
Why Gloucester Road? My mother would probably know.
I love the District Line trains, they are ancient but upgraded.
The world of today is old. Enthusiasm today is in building your own prison.
Political parties... oh, I try to stay out of these! Human prisons today.
Left and Right are conventional words.
People forgot the ideals, they have only behaviours now.
There’s the right-wing behaviour and the left-wing behaviour.
Ideals are interpreted according to which role you want to play.
Ideals are moved like trains with old wheels.
Drinking Coca-Cola today is transgression! People pretend it’s not their fault if the train doesn’t go. They forgot to set new wheels.
People call me “right-wing” singer. This makes me feel in a ghetto.
It’s such a limitation. I don’t want to be a ghetto singer.
My favourite colour is light-blue, but the Victoria line is not my favourite line. That light-blue is too cyan (a beautiful colour anyway!).
I’m probably obsessed with light-blue. I’m probably obsessed with London now.
The town is moving beneath my feet. I love the way technology is made to help people and the enlightened men from the Right and from the Left say this is dangerous. Technocracy... they invented this word, but I still don’t understand the reason.
Maybe the explanation comes from some market-deviation labyrinth or from the Church. I am the black priest!
Who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Pope. Pope Viking the first! Sounds good.
Life is a long song. All I want now...I want to live a moment of passion!
I forgot the pleasure of passion long time ago and I was damned.
I want to be in love! I fight because I love.
I live because I fight.

"Until they take my life away" is dedcated to Denis from Kolovrat.

"Come fa freddo" is dedicated to a girl from northern Italy.

The "Glocester Road" album is dedicated to Karl Q.
Det är för mig och dig!
Fördömelse, plåga, vårt liv!

"Londin Trains" was written in April 2005. I have said everything. YOU will never imagine this song has a message for YOU inside! (I won’t reveal the name of this "you", I won’t now)

Europe... heathen, proud, armed, strong, learned, independent, rich, clever!

My greeting to my "brother" Karl Q., my best girlfriend Seri (Prevedo una montagna di guai per qualcuno, tu sai chi!), Geimhre (hugs), Steve from Micetrap, Erik B., from B&H, Rainer, Brian from Florida, David D. (Engineer, my regards!), John & Nemesis, Kai & Family, Fenrir (spielen wir etwas zusammen?), Marco & Sleipnir, Vikingo & his tarallucci & vino band, Ian Anderson & Jethro Tull, Act of Violence, journalist and psychologist - whose views about sex make me believe in storks - Magnus Torricelli for his great work here at AshTree & wife (attento che ti spediscono in Iraq!), Alessio, Viking Italian FC, Claudiu & ND, at the top of the most fashionable I knew recently: Neil Mackay...send regards to Mike and Sam (Sam, remember the keyword "Un biglietto per la metro", groetjes!), my Australian Soldier Steven (the world needs people like you!), director documentarist scientist James (the idea of soundtracking your hippos - hmm- frightens me), Lunderhage (en annan ingenjör i världen...), Carolina & Cristina (Carissime...mi sto facendo un bicchierino di limoncello di nonna!), Niki & girl, Maria & Giggi (vi voglio tanto bene!), the friends from MNC - Autoblinda74, V & MS in the AshTree World (pezzi di m.), un ringraziamento particolare e un saluto affettuoso ad Alessio Montegiove per il suo mitico testo, my cat Rutto & the Angels (I love you) my mate of cocktails Silvio Berlusconi, my spiritual guide Calderoli, William & Harry.