This album is dedicated to all those comrades who fought, to all those comrades who are fighting, to all those comrades who will fight!!

music&lyrics by Viking
"En hjältinnas sång" is arranged on a traditional poem by Viktor Rydberg

All instruments played by Viking, the wonderful voice on track 16 is Rutto's

Mixed and mastered by Viking
Design by Viking

Viking is Francesca Ortolani

Tack så mycket till Karl. Du har en speciell plats i mitt hjärta. *kram*

Dear Brian, I hope thise cd will be some company in your pain, be strong, my lovely friend.

Other greentings to all my supportes in my crazy battles....
And now say QUEEEEEE!!!!!
QUEE Ing. Ortolani and Ortolani pre-ampliriers (Queee!!!)
QUEE Saint Inquisition mum (Queee!!)
QUEE Ruto cat (Queee!!)
QUEE Roma-the city (Queee!!)
QUEE Sverige-jag kommer snart!! (Queee!!)

You can find all lyrics on Viking's official site: