Anno: 1997


Autori: Luciano Tovaglieri | Nicola Maggioni

Hey, the weather is not good
and since i have not food
what can i do tonight?
So, I stand in a lonely road
and none cen help me
but I'm not afraid

I'm walking in the snow...
Now I'm wet from head to toe
and I wish I could eat
just omly a piece of bread
You, call me from the door
I can't believe my eyes
' cause you are really there.

I'm a viking and I don't care about the cold
I'm never scared I know that God's with me!

I taste the nectar of your own
and now I feel so full
that I could go away
but, since you are my dream
I cannot leave you here
I'll be with your for ever

I was walking what's happening to me
I'm never scared I know that God's with me
I'm a viking, i'm an optimist
I drimk a beer, life's smiling before me
I was walking in the snow....