Anno: 1996



Some call me a Nazi,
some call me a man of hate
Because I choose to speak my mind
makes some irate
Because I'm a man of honor, my actions
speak louder than words
For I prefer being a wolf
than a sheep in your herd
I have broken all the vices that have been
placed in front of me
My will is stronger than their chains,
my strength has set me free
I've seen so many fall before me
giving the ultimate sacrifice
My well of tears has run dry:
now I'm a man that is cold as ice
I don't ask others to follow the path I take
I'm headed in only one direction
so make no mistake
Reality is no joke--
that's why so many live in fear
Some days it surprises me
that I'm still standing here
Some days I think of the farmer
who is distraught
And look at the politician
whose position has been bought
Foreclosures set it,
and one has lost his land
While the other sits back on his ass
and claims he understands
One has spent his lifetime
putting food on your table
While the other has gotten rich off
promises that turned into fables
Tell me who dictates,
who has the upper hand
Equality is a myth
in this so-called democratic land
[repeat chorus]
Another line crossed, another life lost
More fatherless children is the cost
It's another day with another tear
The fight goes on for another year
On the calendar we'll mark a new date
Of a fallen brother who met his fate
Yet like him I'll never show fear
For in his fight I'm still standing here
Big movie producer
with a frown upon his face
With his lies he tries
to propagate the end of my race
Receiving all these rich awards
for his misconceptions of the truth
He's nothing but a filthy swindler
and I've got the proof
I know who is control of your big industry
I'll never be your slave
or your puppet of apathy
You slave masters, greedy bastards--
I will fight you all
I will live to see the day
that your wicked empire falls
[repeat chorus]