Anno: 1991



Clear the runway, fan the flames
We're taking to the air
We're going behind enemy lines
to smash the devil's lair
It's a do-or-die mission
not many will return
The orders have been given
to make the enemy burn
One-legged pilot takes to the air again
No matter what the cost, we have to win
Rolling through the sky
Preparing for the dive
With only one thing in mind
Stuka Pilot
Fight, fight, fight or die
Descending into a thousand-foot drop
The enemies advance
They must be stopped
So you give them all you've got
Stuka Pilot
Fight, fight, fight or die
Enemy squadrons approaching
at the crack of light
Man the guns
We're heading for a fight
One by one we're going
to knock them to the ground
We'll be the worst nightmare
that they have ever found
Shot down by enemies
yet you still choose to fly
Stuka pilot--loyal to the Reich
A warrior in the sky