Anno: 1996



Dragon slayer, fearless raider,
Defender of the Rhine,
A noble man in an Aryan land
way back in time
Years passed on the glorious tales
of the battles he had fought
And to countless generations on
His story has been taught
The gods in the heavens have
shown me the sign
To guide me with wisdom
on my journey along the Rhine
I fear no man, and I shall fear no beast
I'm ready to do battle with
any foe that I meet
For the glory of the land I swear to thee
That I am your noble defender, Siegfried
The lines are drawn, the battle is near
We must protect the past
The future looks grim but we can't give in
It's a fight to the very last
For the cross to my heart
I've been torn apart
and proved I'm one of the best
I am the true, I'm the elite
I'm the Waffen SS
I have been chosen
as defender of my creed
For the folk and the fatherland I bleed
The bolts on my collar signify my strength
For the love of my people
I will go to any length
Countless generations have
passed the torch to me
To carry on in the name of Siegfried
Now the writing is on the wall
The die have been cast
We look for our wisdom and power
from the fallen warriors of past
The blood is still strong, we must carry on
for those who gave all
I will step forth, pass me the torch
I will answer your call
No boundaries or dungeons
will keep me in place
To distant lands I will seek
to save my race
Like flowers our kindred
shall grow in the valleys
For Father I am your son, Siegfried
Our freedom is calling all over the world
But it won't be taken without a fight
A darkness has risen
to shadow our warmth
But through the darkness ahead,
I see the light