Anno: 1991


Testo e musica: Skrewdriver |


I get a feeling, despite the double-dealing
Someone's trying to grind us down
Despite the storm breaking, people are awakening
We're always gonna be around

Shout out loud "We're strong and proud"
No one's gonna kill our voice
No treacherous scum gonna have us on the run
Trying to murder freedom of choice

If we stand proud, and get knocked down
Well that's the way it's got to be
If we die trying, well I prefer dying
To living on my knees.

Will it be a Red day? Not if I have my way
You can shove their stinkin' two-faced lies
If they get their say, there'll only be bad days
Stand and watch as freedom dies


instrumental break


Don't give up the fight for what is good and right
We've got to keep the vultures at bay
I'm living for the times that they pay for their crimes
When we're sweeping all the rubbish away.

(chorus) x2