Anno: 1984


Testo e musica: Skrewdriver |


Skrew You

Hey you up there in your office

Hiding in your private little nest

Trying to tell the people what to listen to

But you clutch the Red flag to your breast


Skrew you, a stranger to the truth

Skrew you, twisting all our words

Skrew you, an upper class worker

Skrew you, to me you're just absurd

I can see right through your image

You're just another wealthy fake

You'll never break your social circle

Because your scared for your own safety's sake


I had read these stories, never really knew

Never really believed them, but now I know they're true

People always told me, never trust a creep like you

And now I've read your stories, I just say Skrew you


You claim you're speaking for the people

Exactly which ones do you mean?

A beret on your head, red star upon your collar

You don't speak for people on the streets