Anno: 1996


Testo e musica: Bound for Glory |


Welcome to the streets of no return
where one wrong move leaves you to burn
You look all around
and see a world in pain
yet you've got to be hard
to avoid the flames
You roll the dice of destiny:
it's your only chance if you want to be free
Get a good shake, you'll break the curse
but if you lose things will only get worse
Riots in the city streets
Fires engulfing the weak
Fibers of society are starting to tear
As the American dream
becomes a nightmare
That's life in the school of hard knocks
Where people try to swim rivers
in concrete socks
That's life in the school of hard knocks
Where departure comes easy
in a pine wood box
Read the lines, another one deceased:
violence reigns in this time of peace
No haven is safe for your kids or wife:
for a measly dollar
someone will take your life
Yet you've got to be mean,
bring down the boot
10 eyes for an eye, 10 teeth for a tooth
In the concrete jungle
there's just one rule:
do onto others before they do unto you
[repeat sub-chorus]
[repeat chorus]
From this urban nightmare
there's no escape
Your chance of survival depends
on your learning to hate
It's survival of the fittest, the weak will die
When you look at the reaper,
spit in his eye!